Authentication of Documents:

The processing time is 3 business days from the day we receive your documents- exceptions can be made those travelling with pets


  1. All Documents to be authenticated MUST be legalized by Global Affairs Canada (Department of Foreign affairs) prior to sending them to the Consulate. Please access the following website for before sending the documents to the Consulate:
    • The following documents need to be notarized before going to Global Affairs Canada:
      • Bank Letters
      • Copies of passports
      • Short form or wallet size birth certificate
      • Short form marriage certificate
    • The following documents DO NOT require notarization:
      • High school or post-secondary transcripts
      • True Photostatic copies of birth certificates or marriage certificates (Long form)
      • RCMP Police records. Only RCMP with picture and fingerprints are accepted in Panama for immigration records
      • International Health certificates stamped by the Food and Inspection Agency

    (NOTE: Due to new regulations there will be no more "Service" from the Consular Section of the Embassy to Global Affairs Canada. The documents will have to be sent directly to Global Affairs Canada, once they are legalized (Stamp) GAC will courier them to the Consular Section of the Embassy to be authenticated.
    Please contact us for more information.)

  2. The Fee for each document is $30.00USD (United States Dollars) for the first page and $2.00USD (United States Dollars) for each additional page attached to the first page.
  3. Payments can be made in cash (exact change only) or Money Order payable to: "Embassy of Panama- Consular section"

You can mail the documents to the Embassy, but you MUST provide a prepaid return envelope for us to send the documents, after the authentication is done.

This website is updated on a regular basis, so make sure to check back for any changes that may currently be applicable.
If you are applying for a visa or sending documents by mail, we recommend you use Express Mail, Priority Mail or a Courier for security purposes. Please include a self-addressed prepaid envelope for the return of your documents. Please include your telephone number and email address where you can be reached in case you need to be contacted for additional information. If your documents are incomplete for any reason, they may be sent back to you.
If you are using a prepaid courier service, your name and address must appear as the Sender and Recipient. The Consulate of Panama should not appear on the waybill.

PLEASE NOTE: All fees must be paid by money order made out to The Embassy of Panama / Consular Section. We do not accept personal checks. Cash will only be accepted if applying in person.

All documents should be sent to the following address:
Embassy of Panama in Canada
130 Albert Street, Suite 803,
Ottawa Ontario K1P 5G4

Traveling with Pets:


  1. Obtain the International Health certificate stamped by the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency.
  2. All Documents to be authenticated MUST be legalized by Global Affairs Canada (Department of Foreign affairs).
  3. Get the health certificate authenticated by our Consular section. (See Authentication of Documents above).
  4. Prior to arrival to Panama, send the Domestic Quarantine Form to cam@minsa.gob.pa.
    • This document will advise the Panamanian authorities about your pet arrival, and assure that an officer will be waiting at the airport to inspect your pet.
  5. Upon your pet arrival in Panama you will have to pay US $130.00 for Domestic Quarantine. This fee allows you to take your dog home with you, and will avoid overnight stays in quarantine.
  6. If the owner does not fulfill the requirements, the pet will be sent back to the country of origin at owner's expense.
  7. The Fee for each document is US $30.00 for the first page and US $2.00 for each additional page attached to the first page.

The Health Department at the Tocumen Airport hours of operations are from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm Monday to Friday. If you do not arrive in Panama during these times, please make the necessary arrangements with the above mentioned authorities.

Getting Married:


  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. AIDS and VDRL tests issued by a Recognized Canadian health Center (Canadian Ministry of Health) issued no more than 10 days before marriage. These tests can also be performed in Panama upon arrival.
  3. Certificate of single status.
  4. Certificate of Baptism (If you are going to get married in a catholic church).
  5. Copy of your Canadian Passport.
  6. Marriage license - To be done in Panama.

Please Note:The documents mentioned above must first be authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs – Authentication and Service of Documents and then by one of our consular offices. Some documents must also be authenticated by a Canadian notary or commissioner of oaths.