The Immigration Department of Panama offer three different options for people to acquire resident status in Panama. Please review which category is best for you!

Important notes:

  • We do not process permanent resident visas at the Embassy of Panama or any of its consulates, we only authenticate the necessary paperwork prior to arrival in Panama.
  • All applicants must have a Panamanian Lawyer in order to apply.
  • Work permits are not processed or given at the Embassy of Panama or its consulates. People wishing to apply for a work permit must contact a Panamanian Lawyer.
  • All police records must be issued by the RCMP. Provincial police records or background checks are not valid for permament resident applications.

Economic Solvency Visa:


This visa is designed for those who wish to live in Panama, not being employed or starting a business, but living on their own means.

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Macro Business Investor Visa:


This visa is designed for foreigners who invest directly in a Panamanian company, that is constituted with a minimum share capital of One Hundred Sixty Thousand Dollars US$160,000.

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Resident Visa As A Pensioned Tourist:


This program allows foreigners to obtain legal permanent residency in Panama under the condition that they are retired or pensioned.

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