Dear Visitor

It is my pleasure to address you as the appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Panama to Canada, is also a great honour as we celebrate the 55th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations with Canada in 2016. This strong bilateral relationship has been based on a shared desire to promote economic and cultural ties among both countries.

During my four year tenure, the focus of the Embassy will be to strengthen the bilateral relations with Canada and to promote Panama as a traveler's destination and a retiree's bliss.

Panama is a country full of natural beauty and historical experiences that the visitor will always cherish, a mixture of cultural landscapes, a modern city with spectacular high rises, a world class financial district, UNESCO world heritage sites that contrasts with virgin rainforests and breathtaking beaches.

Panama has become the destination for those seeking adventures as much as the ones forging the path to success in their businesses or the ones enjoying what the world have to offer during their retirement.

The website of the Embassy of Panama to Canada is intended to be your source of information and news on Panama-Canada affairs. I hope you find this useful.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


Alberto Arosemena Medina